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Jodie and Stanley started this site as a way to help people to get back in shape and stay that way. Fitness Finest is dedicated to providing information on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, honest to goodness product reviews on health supplements and exercise and sports equipment.

About Jodie

jodieJodie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from the University of Illinois. A year after graduating, she became a licensed nutritionist. Jodie started her career working as a nutritionist at a rehabilitation center for a couple of years before she decided to put up her own practice.



Enter Stanley

gravatarOne day, Stanley walked into Jodie’s clinic for a consult. Back then, he weighed 300 lbs and was considered morbidly obese. He wanted to lose weight but he wanted to do it the right way.

Jodie worked closely with Stanley to get him back in shape. She advised him on what type of food to avoid and devised a meal plan which he followed to the dot. It took almost 2 years before Stanley lost all the excess weight but he says it was worth it because he has never felt better.

Stanley has long since given up his day job. He realized that stress caused him to binge eat and the lack of physical activity was the main contributing factor to his obesity. While it was a big leap, Stanley decided that the risk was worth his overall well-being.

The Magic Pair

Through the course of Stanley’s journey back to fitness, he and Jodie became the best of friends. They both became committed to helping others – who are dealing not only with excess body weight but with malnutrition in general – to get back in shape.

Stanley now owns a small fitness center next to Jodie’s clinic. They work together in helping clients get fit not only through exercise but also by eating right.

Fitness Finest is Jodie and Stanley’s way to reach out to people all over the world who need help in gettingĀ  fit and healthy. A few years back it was predicted that with the world getting ever fast paced and with all the talks going on about climate change and whatnot, it won’t take long until everyone’s going to be a health and fitness buff and that pretty soon there’s going to be a funk about people getting fit and being health conscious.

This rang true pretty sooner than expected. As more and more netizens have been flooding the information superhighway of late, scrounging every nook and cranny for even the tiniest bit of information (some even sharing one’s own snippets taken from personal experience) about keeping fit and staying healthy. The number of health and fitness oriented sites also took helm over the years with the objective to educate and improve people’s lives as far as fitness and well-being is concerned. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of sites that can be trusted to provide accurate information.

Through fitnessfinest.com, Stanley and Jodie hope people will understand that being healthy is not about counting calories or killing yourself in the gym. Rather, it is by eating right and knowing the right exercises.

Stanley and Jodie hope you enjoy reading through their website. If you have any questions, you can shoot them a message through their contact page.