Can You Keep a Weight Bench Outside?

Can you keep a weight bench outside? You have probably seen a weight bench or two sitting outdoors, usually in someone’s yard or on their porch. This might have prompted you to wonder if you could do the same thing, essentially creating space for weight training without taking up space inside the house. Unfortunately, keeping a weight bench outside creates a whole host of potential problems.

Why It Isn’t a Good Idea

First and foremost, weight benches are not designed to stay outdoors. When one is left outside, exposed to the elements, it usually doesn’t take very long for it to start showing signs of excessive wear and tear. Extreme sunlight is one of the worst adversaries of the material used on most weight benches. Heat from the sun usually causes the vinyl material to crack and separate, eventually causing it to fall off and making the bench unusable. In addition, leaving a bench outside in excessive heat or cold can speed up this entire process. If the area you live in is prone to high winds or violent thunderstorms, this can cause even more damage. Before you know it, that expensive weight bench that you purchased is nothing more than a heap of junk that no one wants to pick up.

Protecting Your Weight Bench

If you have no other place to put a weight bench or you simply enjoy lifting weights outdoors as opposed to being surrounded by four walls, you might be able to do some slight modifications to the weight bench to make it easier to use it outside and then store it in the garage or shed when it is not in use. However, this would involve you finding an innovative way to easily slide the bench, such as putting it on casters or using special furniture sliders and then making sure that it is secured in place before you start using it. If you must leave it outside for any length of time, at least take the time to cover it up with a tarp or something so that it is not directly exposed to the elements. This can protect it for a while, but if you really want to keep it around for any length of time, you would be doing yourself a favor to store it indoors and get used to exercising there as well.

The real problem with trying to keep a weight bench outside is that you are dealing with a product that is almost always designed for indoor use. If you really stop and think about it, the weight benches that you have seen outside are probably not in very good condition. Furthermore, they are almost always covered by some type of porch roof or awning that provides at least partial protection from the rays of the sun. Even then, they have a tendency to wear out much more quickly than one that is well cared for.


Weight benches are expensive pieces of equipment. It only stands to reason that you would want to protect your investment instead of exposing it to the elements. If you choose to leave it outside, you can count on not having it very long before you have to replace it. If you really want to take good care of it and ensure that it lasts for years or even decades, you should move it indoors and leave it there.

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