How to Outfit a Fishing Kayak

Whether you possess a sit-in or else a sit-on-top model, setting up a kayak for fishing is not much unlike outfitting some other boat. The biggest hurdle you would have to overcome when outfitting a fishing kayak is limited space. However do not fret, there are plenty of accessories you can use and will fit just fine on a kayak.

What You’ll Need

Fishing Rod Holders

Because it is virtually impossible to hold a fishing rod while paddling, rod holders are very important to kayak anglers. Of course, it is highly recommended you install more than just one holder so you can make the most out of your fishing trip.

When choosing rod holders for your fishing kayak, be sure to pick ones that have an easy detach feature. This will allow you to quickly remove the rod from the holder once a fish catches your bait.

A small fishing kayak should be able to accommodate a total of 4 fishing rod holders – 2 at the front and 2 at the back. A 2-seater angelr on the other hand, can fit upto 8 holders.


Life Vest

Life vests are a must for any activity that involves going out into the water and this includes kayak fishing. Just because you are a skilled swimmer or have been fishing for many years does not mean you can forgo wearing one.  Weather conditions are unpredictable and there’s not telling when accidents can happen so always remember — safety first! A life vest will be able to keep you afloat should your fishing kayak capsize.

There are different kinds of life vests available in the market. Some are even meant specifically for fishing hobbyists. These types of life vests are fitted with different sized pockets to store whatever gear you’d prefer to be within reach at all times.

Electronic Fishing Equipment

You can outfit your fishing kayak with a variety of angling electronic equipment. One of the most important is a GPS-unit that will allow you to easily navigate through low-light or misty conditions. If you initially planned on fishing in a specific area in the lake or river, a GPS navigation device will lead you to the right coordinates with no problem. Furthermore, there are units today that come with an accompanying device that should be left on land. The navigator will send a signal to the other device so your position is pinpointed. This is an excellent added safety feature as it notifies your family or friends of your position in the water at all times.

You can also carry a sonar fishing device with you on your kayak fishing trip. With the numerous advancements in today’s technology, electronic devices meant for fishing are now only small as your smartphone so space is no longer an issue when it comes to electronic gears.

Other Required Fishing Tools

Some of the other tools required in your kayak are:

  • Ropes or strings to secure small things like hook file, scissors, clippers, and forceps to your fishing kayak.
  • Pliers or a multi-tool for quick removal of hooks from fish you’ve caught.
  • Fishing net.
  • A small cooler to store drinking water and snacks.
  • A first aid kit.